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Greetings from a nice family


Our greetings from “the siblings” Maya (the former Marcela), Love (former Erico) and Bob (former Patrocle) enjoying spring and life in Sweden!


We appeal for Remsy!

Remsy (4)

Remsy is a wonderful guy in a slightly larger format. He is unhappy in the enclosure and are deteriorating, making every day a reassessment. Remsy yearns for own people, referring to his best and spoils him, that takes him on expeditions and thugs out on the meadows. He has a faithful character he will be Your faithful companion and best friend. With Remsy at the side, you are never alone. But we haven't found you yet! We appeal now for Remsy who need to leave the enclosure as soon as. He wants to summer lie in the Sun on a Swedish lawn and feel the wind blowing in the coat. He would quietly gnawing on his dog chews and philosophize about life. Most of all, he wants to be with you! Please let me know!

Remsy can also be considered for placement in the feed host.

Read more about Remsy This.

Expressions of interest can be found This.


Missing – 1000 necklace!


SaveTheDogs is in great need of necklaces. With 400+ dogs are turnover and wear large. All travellers must have dogs collar to safely handled at the airport. Necklace of any size is greatly appreciated, Similarly, harnesses. Look in your stash to see what you may have lying around that are not used, or visit a pet shop and ask for a donation / buy yourself. No throttle- / half choke collars, but just "please". Many thanks for you help. Email us at you will get the address to which you send your gift. We need the gifts last 5th June.



Gift Report April 2017

The result for the month of April was great 47 117 kr!
Unspecified gifts amounted to entire 21 967 kr. The campaign "Sponsor a dog's journey"received the full 1 450 KR which means that selected dogs get a lower adoption cost and therefore a greater chance of their flight ticket to Sweden. Our sponsor dogs/cats was sponsored with 9 648 kr.
At the end of March so we started a collection to buy in machines that captures and kills mosquitoes, for the convenience of hägnets dogs. The aim of the collection is 25 000 crowns and we received during the month of April in additional 3 250 kr. We will also continue to collect contributions to the new Veterinary Clinic currently being built downstairs in Cernavoda and during the month of April, we have the total received 2 838 kr.

In April, the annual horse of the week taken place in Romania, and we have had a collection that gave 930 Crowns that will go to help the horses to a better life in Romania. We have also held a collection to buy a camera used to shoot dogs that will be up for adoption and in April received 870 to this.

It has also started a collection for a dog hotels next to the enclosure, where dogs who must travel to their new homes, may stay in the days before the trip. This is an extremely important collection with a goal of 30 000 crowns and in April we have received 1 751 SEK.

Dogs aid would also like to thank our amazing mötare who do invaluable work. In April, met Jenny Sundresh, Matthias and Susanne Malmström, Jane Iassonidis, Eva Cederholm, Eva H all flights. Through to remit their compensation so was donated 1300 kr.

You can read the full gift accounts This.

Mature gåvoredovisningar found under the "Support our work"

A warm thank you to everyone who supports the work of dogs in distress!


Welcome Home!


This weekend it was time again to welcome a bunch of four-legged friends to new families.

With the first flight came little kattfröken Poppet together with lovely lads Herbert and Calvin.
A short while later landing handsome Brandon in the company of beauties Lily Rose and Holly.

Big thanks to Tina who was in place at the airport and helped to reconcile newcomers with their families!

A warm welcome!


Now it must be Rocky ride!


For ten years, Clive seen thousands of dogs leave the enclosure for their own, safe home. He himself still waiting, unsympathetic and sad. Clives life float past without the smallest highlights, just monotony and loneliness, freezing cold in winter and severe heat in the summer, year after year. This is an old uncle who must get to know the once in a lifetime that he is loved and desired – it has to be a point in his long life. What if Clive was able to get an own bed – it would be a haven for him. What if someone was glad to see him every morning, stretched forth a hand and scratched a bit behind one ear. Imagine having your own dog chews – something he never had before. Clive does not have big demands on activity other than small walks close to home and to be near his mistress or master. Where are You that can give Clive gatuhund the greatest gift one can get – a home filled with unconditional love. For Clive's the hurry – soon it will become extremely hot in Cernavoda which is difficult for the old dogs. There is well a Swedish lawn where he can enjoy the sweet summer breeze and still scout out over his own world?

Read more about Clive This.

Expressions of interest can be found This.


Find out more about Dog Helper – If Hundhjälpens partner Save The Dogs


Our final part of our series of articles addressing information about our partner in Romania, SaveTheDogs.

Dogs aid has its work a partner, SaveTheDogs, to which we are linked by agreement since its inception 2004. Through SaveTheDogs we also have a smaller partnership with enclosure STAAD.

SaveTheDogs was founded 2001 as a response to the atrocities of thousands of stray dogs a year were subjected to by government eradication campaigns. Because of the historical and cultural reasons are in the EU country of Romania the phenomenon of stray dogs in total out of control and pose a huge problem with great suffering among both dogs that people.

Legally speaking, the nonprofit föreingen SaveTheDogs, founded by former media woman Sara Turetta, divided into two units; the operational unit in Romania founded 2002 and parent Association in Milan, Italy, founded 2005 with the main purpose to fund the Romanian operation. The two devices, formally, the independent, is in reality a single organisation where both approaches as values go hand in hand.

SaveTheDogs main aim over the years have been / is to fight gatuhundsproblematiken through integrated strategies including:

  • Castration of stray dogs who owned dogs
  • Identification and registration of owned dogs
  • National and international adoptions of abandoned animals
  • Educational projects in schools
  • Awareness campaigns advocating a healthy relationship man / animals and responsible pet ownership
  • Lobbying both nationally and internationally, strävandes after a law that protects pets and in an efficient and ethical manner, make sure överpopulationen among dogs and cats

In addition to this, through the Veterinary Clinic and the mobile device, the Association provides free veterinary care to owned animals / poor owners and by the constant presence in the region the prospect of improved conditions for both pets as working animals.

The Association's facilities houses approximately 500 dogs, 50 cats, 60-70 asses and 10-12 horses – all taken care of / abandoned.


Find out more about Dog Helper – If the medical preparations

IMG_0882This article sheds light on an important topic – the medical preparations when a dog / cats adopted to Sweden through the Dog help.

With the freedom of movement within the EU, to pass a large amount of pets over our country's borders. There are breeders who need to mate her bitch in another country to prevent inbreeding among breeds, there are families on vacation taking their dogs abroad, it is foreign hunters who bring their hounds to hunt in the Swedish mountains.

How aforementioned dogs prepared for the trip to Sweden we do not know, only that they must comply with the Board's admission requirements to be vaccinated against rabies. The biggest threat, however, all dogs are smuggled across borders. If these contraband dogs, we know absolutely nothing.

What we do know, it's how Hundhjälpens Romanian street dogs prepared. Our dogs are vaccinated, wormed and tested against a number of diseases. Dogs Aid has full access to the dogs medical records. All vaccinations, and tests carried out in the dog's passport.

The dogs are vaccinated against
rabies, silly, valpsjuka, leptospiros, hepatitis, kennelhosta.
The dogs are tested against
leishmania, brucellos, babesia, hjärtmask, erlichia (anaplasma), erlichios (monocytär), Lyme disease
The dogs wormed against
tapeworm and all other mesh

Ongoing treated dogs in the enclosure with deworming, and with the antiparasitic agents. Dog Aid also pay extra for running tests on our dogs concerning the disease transmissible through certain mosquito- and tick species. For tests that can be done on site, then sent samples to the EU-approved laboratories.

For the medical evaluation uses Dog Helper now the inspection by the insurance company Agria issued for use by the Swedish vets. The dogs checked thus from head to toe and every survey item is examined and checked by. The minutes are sent to us when the dog added to our adoption programs and inspection is repeated according to the same procedures as the dog examined for their trip.

Dog Aid believes that the medical aspects must be taken seriously and that a serious organization must keep up to date on the health status, and to reduce risk to a minimum by strict measures and checking. In this context we would like to mention that the vectors (the mosquitoes and ticks that may spread infection) in principle not available in Sweden and thus can not be passed on to such infection in our country.

In summary, these are street dogs much more tested and controlled than some other dogs which crosses the border to Sweden. Not only this, our business is transparent and self-enforcing, in the sense that we are here to help dogs and if we deficiencies in our medical preparation of the dogs so we will not be able to continue to help them.

Just like our dogs, also undergo our looked after cats from day 1 a rigorous medical applications – for their own health and for Your family's sake. It should be noted that all the diseases mentioned below ( In addition to rabies ) already in Sweden among ordinary Swedish cats – and can have very serious consequences. Swedish SINGLE requirement for admission is a rabies vaccination and microchip.

– Rabies
– Calicivirus – flu with inflammation of the mouth
– Rhinotracheitis – herpes virus
– Panleucopenia – parvovirus "kattpest"
-Leukemia-feline leukemia

-FIV Feline Immunodeficiency Virus – feline aids
-FELV Feline Leukemic Virus – cat leukemia

-tapeworms / roundworm

External parasites
– prevention against ticks / bugs

A Post-Mortem Inspection
The cat is under veterinary supervision from disposal until departure. Final inspection of the cat is made within 24 hours before his departure to Sweden. When the cats are now a permanent part of the adoption program is their health a top priority.


Find out more about Dog Helper – If Hundhjälpens work on site in Romania


This article highlights the Dog help / SaveTheDogs work on location in Romania, and why it is so important.

In Romania live ca 2-3 one million stray dogs. Their lives are suffering from day one; extreme malnutrition, damage and parasites haunts them – but also people without conscience maltreat and maim them. The large amount of dogs also contributes disruption and fear among the people. The authorities are trying to limit the population of stray dogs by poisoning them on the streets or inhumane killing of so-called. death enclosure where the dogs out after being caught in. The capture in itself poses tremendous suffering and often severe injuries in dogs.
When a dog is removed or killed, his territory becomes vacant and a new dog takes its place immediately. Theoretically, an unneutered female on the few years give birth to thousands of new dogs. Although this is a mathematical calculation — in reality so die most of the puppies before childbearing age and all dogs do not become fertile – so one understands that the authorities, in turn, will never succeed in eradicating gatuhundspopulationen.

To ultimately solve the problem of stray dogs humanely so one should work with kastreringsprogram, so-called "trap-neuter-release" (TNR), which is recommended by WHO as the most effective method. This means that it captures a dog, neutering and vaccinating the, and then let the dog back in the place where the captured. TNR was until recently by SaveTheDogs in a big way – but the new legislation has prohibited the release. In the main area you worked gatuhundspopulationen thanks to TNR decreased with 90%. Today, 2017 must not release occur which leads to enormous pressure on the buildings – there now only the most vulnerable dogs can be taken into. The only way to free up space in the enclosure for the new urgency is now international adoptions, Where Dogs aid has an important role. Dogs from SaveTheDogs Ranch travel also to Italy, and on a smaller scale to Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Finland.

To change the view of stray dogs is another very important task. This takes place in the town of Cernavoda, through education of school children, and outreach activities in the city and surrounding villages. SaveTheDogs runs an extensive lobbying activities vis-à-vis policy makers and politicians, both locally and internationally, to influence legislation and regulations regarding stray dogs. Dissemination of knowledge in Sweden about street dogs' situation is also among our tasks. Worldwide, the figure is estimated homeless dogs reach around 200 one million, so the problem around and suffering of these animals are gigantic.


Find out more about Dog Helper – If the dogs are transported


Our article series on Dog assistance continues with information on how our animals are transported:

Our dogs and cats traveling exclusively by air which we believe is the safest and fastest way to travel. We fly only with Lufthansa and KLM and always choose the combination of flights that has the shortest total flight time for the trip to be as gentle as possible for the animals. Dogs / the cats are transferred in Frankfurt/Munich or Amsterdam. These airports have employed animal keepers who look to the animals and can intervene if something would be wrong. In the unlikely event that would lead to an initial delay connection in Germany / Netherlands missed getting the dogs come out of the cages and walked inside the airport area.

During the flight the dogs sit alone or two together depending on size and sex in the air for big and approved cages. These are loaded in a specific part of the plane's cargo space in which they are clamped. The space is bright and the temperature between 10-15 degrees. Small dogs, under 8 kg, and cats, traveling inside the cabin with the passenger. The dogs are not normally sedated for the trip - the exception is made if the dog is very agitated at the airport in Bucharest. The cats be sedated likewise even only in exceptional cases. Once in Sweden declared the animals at customs before they can be forwarded to their pending owner. We then have an experienced representative on site to help with the reception. Dogs / the cats are capable, as a general rule flights very good.

Just as people travel now even dogs and cats with passports. This Passport includes the formal information date of birth and chipnummer in English and Romanian. The Passport also serves as health book and contains all the information about the animal's vaccinations, deworming and anti-parasite treatment. It also reports the results of blood tests alleged by mosquitoes / tick-borne diseases.

Our traveling animal escorted always by a passenger — typically from Swedish site. It is often the board members or other club members who travel, but we give also ordinary pet owners and members the opportunity to visit the animal shelter environment and the surrounding community in Romania. During these visits we update ourselves regarding the individual canine / the cats ' development to be able to offer potential owners the best possible information.